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Fresh Northwest seafood is Anthony’s priority. It is who we are!  We opened our own seafood company in 1984 with the sole purpose of ensuring our guests that we serve only the highest quality seafood in our restaurants. Anthony’s Seafood is led by Tim Ferleman, an avid fisherman and former Anthony’s chef who brings the unique combination of experience and passion for both industries to his team. They are committed to providing our restaurants with the best Pacific seafood and shellfish from the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii.


Our experienced team of seafood buyers knows what is fresh and selects the best for the restaurants. Their relationships with our seafood sources ensure that the seafood we offer comes from fishermen who practice the finest methods of handling fresh fish. Our HACCP trained team at Anthony’s Seafood has strict “Best Practice” standards for seafood inspection, testing and sanitation ensuring our high standards for quality are continuously met.



Defines our commitment to offering the best fresh seafood at the peak of its season. We are committed to serving our guests only wild salmon. Our team selects the “Best of the Season” wild runs of fresh Chinook (King), Silver and Sockeye salmon from Alaska and the Northwest. The team at Anthony’s Seafoods knows the fisheries, their openings and their seasonal cycles. Selecting the best, freshest seafood at the height of the season provides our restaurants with the highest quality seafood to simply prepare showcasing their natural flavors. Alaska halibut, ling cod, petrale sole and rockfish as well as exotics such as Ahi, Mahi Mahi and swordfish are selected with the same high standards.  We have developed the same strong personal relationships with our shellfish suppliers to bring the finest local Dungeness crab, clams, mussels and oysters to our restaurants. Understanding the seasonality of fresh fish, we are prepared to offer the highest quality seafood when fresh is not in season.  Our team working with our seafood partners select the finest fish and freezing methods for preparing fish for the restaurants to offer during the down seasons.



Our commitment to quality and the future requires that we place a priority on sourcing our seafood selections from fisheries that are committed to sustainable practices. The personal relationships Tim has established throughout the region ensures he is doing business with responsible stewards of our resources.


Our seafood selections from Alaska are from sustainable sources. Alaska is the only state which has a mandate for sustainable seafood in their State Constitution. Information and recommendations from organizations such as Seafood Watch, the Marine Stewardship Council and Ocean Trust support our selection process. Most importantly our personal relationships with our seafood suppliers and shellfish growers provide us with an understanding of their standards and practices.


Working together we strive to enhance our commitment to ensuring fresh seafood will be available for future generations. The success of the team at Anthony’s Seafood has made Anthony’s Restaurants the recognized leader in serving fresh Northwest seafood!


Located on the Magnolia Bridge:
Magnolia, Pier 91, Building 39
W. Garfield St, Seattle 98119

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