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Best of Season

Tree-Ripened Peaches
are here!


Fresh Washington Peaches!

We are proud to offer our guests the finest tree-ripened peaches at the height of their season. Peaches from the Northwest, especially Washington, are considered by many experts to be among the finest in the world. Because of our warm days and cool nights, our farmers let the peaches hang on the tree to their pinnacle of sweetness. When allowed to tree-ripen to maximum sweetness, the peaches are fregrant, juicy, flavorful and sweet.

Anthony's is fortunate to have created relationships with peach farmers throughout Washington. Our appreciation of wonderful tree-ripened peaches began over 20 years ago. Enjoy these fresh tree-ripened Washington peaches in our specialty drinks, entrees and desserts!


A few of the farms we receive fresh peaches from include:

Douglas Fruit ~ Pasco, WA
MaryHill Orchards ~ Goldendale
Pence Orchards ~ Yakima