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Best of Season

Best of the Season
Are Here!

Enjoy them today!

Enjoy Fresh Local Berries Today!

Our 2020 fresh Northwest berries are in season! We will be serving fresh local blueberries,raspberries, marionberries and Katada blackberries. Their perfect balance of sugars and acids, rich fragrances and striking colors make these berries a very special summer treat. Our berries will be picked from the best local farms that allow the berries to ripen on the vine for maximum flavor.

Our Local Berry Farmers Include:

Schuh Farms - Mt. Vernon, WA
Spooner Farms - Puyallup Valley, WA
Picha Farms - Puyallup Valley, WA
Richter Farms - Puyallup Valley, WA
Gonzalez Berry Farm - Cornelius, OR
Townsend Farms, Stawberry Hill Farms

Our local berry season is short, so enjoy these juicy mixed berries now in variety of entrees, desserts and drinks!

A few of our Berry dessert features include:

Fresh Berry Shortcake
Fresh Berry Creme Brulee Cheesecake
Fresh Berry Mug Sundae
Fresh Berry Jar Pie

Berry seasonal salads, entrees and drinks!
(Selections may vary by restaruant.)