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Donation Requests


Anthony’s Restaurants attempts to support as many local Northwest non-profit organizations with gift certificate donations toward events such as auctions or raffles that will raise money for the cause of that organization.  As a tribute to our ongoing support of the local communities Anthony’s has been awarded the Restaurant Good Neighbor Award (2001, 2003) by the Washington Restaurant Association, the 2003 National Restaurant Good Neighbor Award by the National Restaurant Association and just the past year the 2010 Restaurant Good Neighbor Award by the Oregon Restaurant Association. Each restaurant is a major supporter of one or more community events per year including benefits for groups such as Central Oregon Community College, Providence General Foundation, Olympic College, Boys & Girls Clubs, Rotary, Whatcom Hospice, YMCA’s and much more.

We will continue to fill requests for organizations and school fundraisers as requested by our Team Members that they or their families attend or are involved with.  We will also honor requests for district or citywide school fundraisers.

Due to the high number of requests, we have had to set guidelines for the types of requests we are able to honor.  Unfortunately we are unable to donate to:

  • Individual Public Schools
  • Specific school fundraisers such as class activities, sports activities or teams, senior class fundraisers, teacher appreciation gifts, volunteer/PTSA recognition awards, as well as fundraisers for specific arts and academic department
  • Sports Teams
  • Food donations
  • Organizations benefiting those outside the Northwest
  • Cash donations or awards to be used as door prizes
  • Employee or volunteer recognition
  • Business recruitment
  • Combined charity fundraisers
  • Online auctions
  • Company fundraisers
  • Individual or group sponsorships
  • Party fundraisers or graduation nights

STEP 1:  Donation Request Hard Copy Letter

All requests must be submitted by hardcopy at least 3 months in advance of event.  Please send a hard copy donation request letter on organization letterhead including the following information:

  • Explain your organization.
  • Type of event and details: date and location
  • Who is benefiting from the event and how funds will be used/allocated
  • Include Organizations Tax Identification Number
  • Contact Information

Send to: Anthony's Restaurants, Attn: Donation Requests
PO Box 3805, Bellevue, WA 98009

STEP 2: Following Up by Email

Please send an email to:
Explain that you are following up about a donation request.  Indicate name of organization, date of event and any further details that need to be known.

FINAL STEP: Receiving a Donation

Donation(s), including a donation form and certificate, are sent directly to the organization approximately one month before the event, unless otherwise requested.  Donations will not be sent to a third party.  As a reminder, the original gift certificate must be presented at the time of dining; the donation form will not be accepted for redemption.