See what’s fresh with our Best of Season!

What is Best of the Season?

Throughout the year, our team works diligently to feature in-season fresh, wild seafood and produce from all areas around the Pacific Northwest.


Our team selects the “Best of the Season” wild runs of fresh Copper River, Silver and Sockeye salmon from Alaska and the Northwest. The team at Anthony’s Seafood knows the fisheries, their openings and their seasonal cycles. Selecting the best, freshest seafood at the height of the season provides our restaurants with the highest quality seafood to simply prepare showcasing their natural flavors. Thanks to our relationships with local Northwest farmers, we are also able to select the freshest “Best of the Season” produce, such as peaches, strawberries, and huckleberries.


At Anthony’s, we pride ourselves on using the freshest foods whenever possible. During the year, we offer many different seasonal items that we utilize in our menu. These “Best of the Season” items are only available for a limited time, so be sure to make a reservation today!


Look below and see what’s fresh at Anthony’s!



What’s Fresh? – Copper River Salmon

Copper River salmon is considered one of the finest salmon available. The salmon is deep-orange in color with a truly remarkable rich salmon flavor. It has the some of the highest oil content and flavor of any salmon making this fish so rich and flavorful. This high oil content is the result of the fish preparing itself for the lengthy 300 mile journey up the frigid Copper River to spawn. When this fishery opens for the year, demand is high.

For over 40 years, we have been one of the first to bring in the stellar Copper River Salmon caught straight from the Copper River Delta and brought straight to your table!
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The Richter Family have been our source for Rhubarb for decades! The Richters originally purchased land in the Puyallup Valley in 1906 and have been farming ever since. The Richters deliver directly to us and their rhubarb will be featured in cocktails, entrees, and desserts!


Anthony’s brings in local strawberries at their peak, directly to the table so they can be eaten fresh on the same day they are picked. We will be showcasing these beautiful berries in our Best of the Season recipes and summer drinks!