Best of the Season: Seafood and Produce

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Best of Season Offerings

Fresh Peaches:

We are proud to offer our guests the finest tree-ripened peaches at the height of their season. Peaches from the Northwest are considered by many experts to be among the finest in the world. Because of our warm days and cool nights, our farmers let the peaches hang on the tree to their pinnacle of sweetness. When allowed to reach maximum sweetness, the peaches are fragrant, juicy, flavorful and sweet.

Anthony’s procures these great Northwest peaches from Douglas Fruit in Pasco and working with a handful of additional farmers including Maryhill Orchards, Pence Orchards and now Symm Fruit


Best of the Season

Throughout the year, our team works diligently to feature in-season fresh, wild seafood and produce from all areas around the Pacific Northwest.

Our team selects the “Best of the Season” wild runs of fresh Chinook (King), Silver and Sockeye salmon from Alaska and the Northwest. The team at Anthony’s Seafood knows the fisheries, their openings and their seasonal cycles. Selecting the best, freshest seafood at the height of the season provides our restaurants with the highest quality seafood to simply prepare showcasing their natural flavors.