Best of the Season: Seafood and Produce

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Best of Season Offerings

Oyster Festival Has Arrived!

During March Oysters are at their peak! After winter and cold water temperatures oysters boast their best flavor profile and are packed with nutrients. These mollusks are not only a unique and special seafood offering; they are an example of our Northwest heritage and tradition. In the 1800’s, Northwest Olympia oysters were a prized delicacy. These oysters grew naturally and are the only “true native oyster” as they are the original Northwest oyster in this region. As the years passed, the Puget Sound was seeded with the “Pacific” variety of oyster. Today, the Pacific is the predominant variety. Join us throughout March for special oyster features and of course, our Friday Night Oyster Slurps!


Best of the Season

Throughout the year, our team works diligently to feature in-season fresh, wild seafood and produce from all areas around the Pacific Northwest.

Our team selects the “Best of the Season” wild runs of fresh Chinook (King), Silver and Sockeye salmon from Alaska and the Northwest. The team at Anthony’s Seafood knows the fisheries, their openings and their seasonal cycles. Selecting the best, freshest seafood at the height of the season provides our restaurants with the highest quality seafood to simply prepare showcasing their natural flavors.