3 Course Prix Fixe Sunset Dinner

Enjoy our 3 Course Prix Fixe Sunset Dinners for $30

Whether you just prefer to have an early dinner, or you are trying to squeeze in a nice dinner in between evening activities, our Sunset Dinners are the solution.  Every weekday evening, we offer a 3 course Prix Fixe dinner for $30.   Choose from classics like our clam chowder, Steelhead with Roasted Apples, or Garlic Scampi Prawns.  Cap off the evening with either Anthony’s Burnt Cream or Bailey’s Irish Creme Chocolate Mousse.  Check out your local Anthony’s location for the menu and make your reservation today.


The $30 price is effective December 12.

Fall means shellfish – enjoy the bounty!

With weather cooling down that means cooler water temperatures! Cold water allows shellfish to be harvested at its prime and we are so excited to be offering clams, mussels, oysters and a local favorite, Dungeness crab! Enjoy the variety with us today.

Cap off the evening

Take your evening from ordinary to extraordinary with one of our seasonal, scratch made cocktails.

Enjoy the Sunset, Indulge in Dinner

Darker evenings are still worth celebrating with a Prix Fixe dinner.

Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell

Enjoy 2 oysters on the half shell as one of the starter options on the Sunset Menu.

Sunset Dinner locations

We are happy to offer Sunset Dinners at these locations.