Copper River Salmon is here!

Salmon Lovers Rejoice!

It’s the time of the year that salmon lovers wait for all year; the arrival of Copper River Salmon.

Copper River salmon is considered one of the finest salmon available. The salmon is deep-orange in color with a truly remarkable rich salmon flavor. It has the some of the highest oil content and flavor of any salmon making this fish so rich and flavorful. This high oil content is the result of the fish preparing itself for the lengthy 300 mile journey up the frigid Copper River to spawn. When this fishery opens for the year, demand is high.

Tim Ferleman, our Head Seafood Buyer says, “Copper River salmon is a highlight of the summer and is one of the best eating salmon in the world.” Tim adds that Copper River salmon gains its unique flavor due to the length and type of river “these salmon are particularly high in Omega-3 fatty acids because they have to be strong enough to survive several months battling this turbulent and powerful river while experiencing several substantial changes in elevation”

The Copper River fishery is primarily a Sockeye run with king salmon being a very small percentage. We will be serving both Sockeye and King Salmon, as available.

Fresh Copper River King Salmon
Prized for its exceptionally high oil content, succulent texture and rich flavor, this luxury fish literally melts in your mouth. Also known as Chinook, this fish is the largest of the three species and boasts the highest oil content of the three species.

Fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon
Also known as Red salmon, sockeye is robust and rich in flavor with a firm texture that makes it versatile for any cooking method. Famous for its natural deep red flesh, sockeye is the most abundant species in the Copper River Delta.

Join us today for this beautiful fish, topped with tomato basil butter, and served alongside champ potatoes and vegetables from local farms.