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Chef Reno Rodriguez in Boise featuring in IdaHome for his love of oysters.

Chef Reno Rodriguez was featured in the July/August issue of IdaHome, the Treasure Valley’s premier lifestyle print magazine.


“Outside of the incredible taste, and aside from the nutritional aspect and being Keto-friendly and loaded with protein, they’re just a fun food to eat. And that’s my personal experience,” says Chef Reno. “We had this Olympia oyster, the only oyster still native to Washington. The description of the flavor was coppery and minerally. You also get these raw horseradish root notes and even raw potato notes. Oyster flavor profiles are not single-dimensional. You can taste cucumber, brine, and sweetness. This whole range of flavors comes through, and it makes eating them so much fun because one oyster will taste so much different from the next, species-wise.”

The article can be read here.